Saturday, March 15, 2008

That is a picture of my new jeep. Rather, it is a picture of a jeep just LIKE mine, since I am too lazy to go outside, snap a picture, uplaod it, crop it, load it onto my blog...you get the idea.

I like it. Very smooth ride, controls are all where they should be. The turning radius is just this side of godly. Really, it handles quite a bit better than my old intrepid.

There was a thrumming sound from the rear that my sister picked up on. I thought it was tires cupping, but since I work at a car dealership, anyway, I decided to bring it to the pros. And good thing I did. It was leaking from the rear axle seals and pinion seals, and the diff was rather low. Luckily, I don't pay for such repairs, and now it is tip top.

And, speaking of all that, the new job is going great. The pace is good, and I like the guy I work next to. The guy that works beyond him, however...
And, I tell you what, I am learning a lesson I don't think I quite had figured out at the last job. The idea is simple: I don't need people to like me.

That's a tough one for me, but I think I am getting used to it. Here's the deal: beyond a couple mechanics out there, I don't really like THEM. They are a bunch of Nascar watching mechanics who I have nothing in common with. Which is fine, I get along with plenty of people I don't have anything in common with. BUT, they are also all whiners.

I don't mind some complaining, now and again, but they all whine ALL THE TIME. This guy is getting better jobs than I am, I am not making enough. And it is the nature of the business. They are on commission, of course they are going to feel that way. But it doesn't mean they need to whine to me. My answer started out very sympathetic, and they walked on me for it. Now, I tell them work harder, and you will be paid better. That's the system we all signed into, and I won't feel sorry for those who chose it, and now choose not to utilize it. The work is there for the hard worker.

All that being said, the job is pretty good. That is a minor annoyance, in the big picture. While it still galls me, I don't actually have to put up with it much, because I can choose to just ignore it. And, mostly, I do.

And I like all the guys in parts, and as I said, a few mechanics, so I get through a day with people to talk to. The job, for the efficient, goes pretty steady through the day, and I hardly hit much lag time.

AND, one of the guys in parts is working towards his first triathlon, so we are training at lunch. And the big news there is I am finally swimming the whole distance without rest strokes. So far, that means about 4 minutes off my swim time. HUGE! That would equal about 10 places in the last race. Plus, it is nice having someone to train with. It is a lot harder to skip days when the other guy is going.

Ok, I have rambled enough for one day. I think the next post will be something about the state of politics, and/or Timberwolves basketball, just to even things out. And I really ought change my page design.

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