Monday, May 19, 2008


The results are in: I am trying very hard not to be too bummed about this one, but I feel like I left a lot more out there than I would have liked. My swim and bike times were solid, but the run was disgusting. I mean, I stunk out loud.

Here's the good news: Last year I was 6:30 minutes off my next competitors time (in my age category) at the start of the season. This year, it is just under 3:00 minutes. Had I ran how I think I can, and how I did at the end of last year, I would have beat him. That's encouraging.

My swim time is considerably better than last year. So there's that. And, it was the first race, a full two months sooner than last year.

here are a couple pics:

that's me in the first transition: If I look winded it is because I was swimming, and it is not easy, or natural, to me.

That's just a good shot of my awesome bike. Need new pedals, though, or I will always look like that when I first get on.

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